nowaks 1 – rat 0

After many traps and a late night chase through the house (sullivan found him hiding in the bookcase) ending in the rat leaping through a hole in the kitchen wall - we thought all was lost. Although proud that our dog had managed to find him and "tree" him. We set a trap or him... Continue Reading →

kitchen part one of many parts

the kitchen. we've been without a working kitchen since we moved in. The sink kinda works but really only one side and only if you're gentle. If you bump it too hard the pipe fitting will come lose and spill water all over the floor and your shoes...I found this out the hard way. It... Continue Reading →

cancellation of services

I got an email from our insurance agent the other day stating that they were canceling our coverage. The reason state was that our gutters were not clear and the back door needed painting...ummm really? He apologized and said it was out of his hands and thought is was silly. So we set to work... Continue Reading →

smelly closet

Our closet smells. You can smell it when you walk into the room. You can smell it in the hallway. When we moved in the first thing john did was remove the 'smelly' carpet from the closet in hopes that would rid us of the smell. That was a fail. I started noticing the clothes... Continue Reading →

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