countdown to T-Day (5 days)

well. the new, updated timeline puts us with a finish date of wed. nothing like cutting it close! but. we did have some progress yesterday. there has been a huge hold up with the tile, it was ordered the place just wasn't delivering. long story short it took a ton of phone calls and trips... Continue Reading →

countdown to T-Day (7 days)

Ok so I know I said i'd post something everyday, BUT that was when i thought there would be work done every day. Tuesday went by with nothing done, and yesterday they were putting the final coat down on the floor - so i couldn't walk on it. Today is the big "work" day -... Continue Reading →


I thought I should post this before they "knock it all out in a week" Nothing like waiting until the last minute. I have been assured that this kitchen will be done for Thanksgiving, yet I have my doubts on this. After 2 weeks away we thought we'd come home to some appliances in the... Continue Reading →

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