birthdays and gardening

Someone had a birthday this month - and that someone has an affinity for chocolate. In his honor I made this chocolate cake with berries and cream. I have to say - it was quite delicious. We munched on it for a week...mmmmmmm cake. I have also got my little garden going, thanks to john... Continue Reading →

the munchkin

At 21 weeks we got another sneak peak - finally starting to look like a human: So this week the family is out boating in the BVI. Being 6 months pregnant (and really needing all of my vacation days for when the munchkin arrives) I opted out of going. Working while everyone else is out... Continue Reading →

it’s been awhile

I'd like to apologize for the hiatus - things have been a bit crazy around here (see below).   So lets see here - whats new - We spent the entire fall/winter waiting on a kitchen table that never arrived. It's a long story but ended with us demanding money back and purchasing a new... Continue Reading →

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