“snow” day snickerdoodles

The city of Atlanta deemed today a snow day and cancelled all the schools. Now, my kids aren't in school so this doesn't change our day one bit. Aside from watching the hilarity of the city preparing for snow that never comes. Current temp is 42, with rain ending in an hour. This isn't happening... Continue Reading →

holy granola

Granola is one of those things we buy every week at the store that looks so easy to make. In fact I knew it was easy as my mom makes her own and always brings me some when she visits. And yet.....I still didn't want to mess with it. Now my kids eat a TON... Continue Reading →

This has been a year.

It's probably been about a year since I last wrote on here. And what a year it's been. A year of love and laughter, food and fun, tears and loss. 2018 started off with 2 great unexpected losses with a 3rd hitting us this summer. Life will never be the same now that these 3 amazing... Continue Reading →

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