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the last of our help has come and gone – we are on our own. it’s a lot to take in having 3 babies under 2 and just one adult most of the time. but someone’s got to bring home the bacon. most days are honestly pretty good. dottie does amazing and the boys somewhat cooperate. then there are days like today – where there seems to always be at least 1 of the 3 crying (and lets be honest sometimes all 3 and the dog to boot) and i didn’t even put real pants on until after 1pm.

every time i think i’m getting the hang of this, we have a bad day and someone throws me for a loop – but i guess that’s just parenting. the boys have stopped sleeping where they lie. we’ve adjusted by setting up a “nap room” downstairs for them. they nap side by side in a pack and play for now with a sound machine and fan to drown out some of dottie’s noise. we’re lucky if they go 45 min. on the rare occasion that they do try to go longer, one of them usually wakes up early which means #2 gets woken up 15 or so minutes later. 🙁
they can sleep through each other crying right next to their face but the dog and dots are a whole other story.

the newness of brothers has started to wear off and dots is becoming increasingly jealous. mostly while i’m trying to put the boys down for their gazillionth nap of the day and have to stop what we are doing to check on them – inevitably one will take 3-4x before they are actually asleep, can’t say i blame her…totally

i’ve started venturing out a bit with all 3 – mostly to places i can keep them contained, like the target cart or a friends house – as i have the help of said friend. the older kids mostly entertain themselves so it’s a nice break for everyone.

this is life – 3 months in

next on the bucket list sleep.

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  1. Thank you for the update. Certainly we want to sneak down for a few days. End of June seems so long to wait for help. We miss you!!
    Love Nan and Boppa

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