6+ months and we’re all still alive



Yes, yes yes, I am a tad behind. The snuggle bear above takes up quite a bit of my “free” time.

The last few months have been full of new things. She sits on her own and can stand pretty well as long as she’s leaning on something. Rolling over is a piece of cake now a days. It’s the actual moving part that is still very hard. She scooted herself into a corner the other day and got “stuck” since she can’t go forward yet 😉



We discovered 2 teeth coming in (i have yet to be able to get a photo of them – she’s too wiggly) just about the time we broke down and gave her some real food. She was trying to steal anything and everything off our plates, so we figured she might just be ready. So far i think she’s more excited about the prospect of playing with the spoon than actually eating. But i know some gets in there as her poo has peas in it…hahaha.

She’s adding food to her list at lightning speed:
acorn squash, butternut squash, sweet potato, apples, banana, avaocado and peas.

Made some teething biscuits today – bunnies for frank (yes he’s still here – but getting mighty old)


so far i think they are a hit


It’s starting to get warm outside and we can’t wait to spend our days outside playing.

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  1. Our little munchkin is growing so fast! I’m so glad that you and John take time to enjoy this marvelous fabulous little person. You’ll look back at these times as the best in your life. Before you know it, she’ll be dating!

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