a father’s day porch cleaning

The past few years I have had the pleasure of spending father’s day with my very own pops, this year was no different. We prepped the new house as best we could, alas the place is still a huge mess. Not even batting an eye at the unfinished – scuffed up floors, and nonexistent kitchen – we set out on a beautiful weekend.

While the boys went in search of a crappy fridge to replace our tiny one that had died the night before. My mom and I set out to make the front of the house a bit more pleasant.Weeds were everywhere no plant was safe! I’m pretty sure we pulled out some nice plants – oh well – at least it looks better.

power wash


Day 2 we tackled the porch. Pops power washed the porch down while we cleaned other various items and put it back together again when he was done. I think it turned out pretty good. Now it looks like someone lives here instead of a hobo camp..haha!


clean porch


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  1. Who knew pulling weeds and scrubbing could be so much fun. The results of a few hours of sweat and elbow grease were amazingly rewarding. The short walk to the stadium on Saturday to watch the Braves win in the 9th was icing on the cake! Sheri Porter

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