birthdays and gardening

Someone had a birthday this month – and that someone has an affinity for chocolate. In his honor I made this chocolate cake with berries and cream. I have to say – it was quite delicious. We munched on it for a week…mmmmmmm cake.


I have also got my little garden going, thanks to john and his superior building skills. He has built me a start of 3 garden boxes. I think in a few years this garden might actually produce some yield (if i don’t kill everything first.) The berry bushes we inherited from friends have taken off nicely and are already producing some delicious raspberries/blackberries. Can’t wait for the blueberry bush to come in and the few peaches we have on our trees. I have also discovered we have wild blackberries ALL over the yard. I suppose I might try to transplant a few of them – although they seem more bitter (maybe good for pies or jam though?)

Here’s to a short week!

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  1. Oh my, that chocolate cake with berries and whip cream looks so delicious. My mouth is watering. I know the birthday boy appreciated your efforts.

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