cancellation of services

I got an email from our insurance agent the other day stating that they were canceling our coverage. The reason state was that our gutters were not clear and the back door needed painting…ummm really? He apologized and said it was out of his hands and thought is was silly.

So we set to work cleaning and painting. To be fair we did have a few trees growing out of our gutters at the time and all of these things were on our todo list…just hadn’t made it there quite yet.


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  1. Renovations are a bit like camping. Inconvenient sometimes, but workable. I can see why you wanted this house, with such a wonderfully large kitchen space, and unique character to the rooms. Congrats on the Nowak vs. Rat score. Sullivan is pulling his fair share in this endeavor, and that trap finished him off nicely. Don’t throw the trap away. Where there is one…..

    1. Haha – Yes – we’ve definitely been “camping” since we moved in. Getting closer and closer to getting that kitchen going!
      Will surely be keeping the trap – it’s electrified and seems to be the only trap the rats can’t outsmart 😉

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