we have chicks!

Pretty sure John thinks I'm crazy, but I've convinced him to build me a chicken coop. I mean, I think I'm crazy. I'm a little terrified of birds so wanting chickens is an interesting thing for me. Backyard chickens are everywhere in Atlanta, I'm not sure I'd ever heard of it until moving here. People... Continue Reading →

dots is upstairs

We took the plunge this weekend and moved Dottie upstairs to her new room in hopes that she will have a chance to get used to it for a week or 2 before the new littles arrive. The transition has gone fairly smoothly. I guess we'll see how the rest of the week plays out.... Continue Reading →

down to the wire

We might be cutting it a bit close on this one. 4 weeks away from our due date and still have much to get done. (cooking with Nan) Thanks to our awesome families we have a lot less though. You all have been such a great help - I hope you know how much we... Continue Reading →

we have progress!

Well, it took a few months longer than expected, but, the contractors are GONE. Out of our house, GONE! So excited to have my house back - even if it is still unfinished. Now the real work begins. My father-in-law was kind enough to fly in the day after christmas to help us get our... Continue Reading →

rain rain go away

Construction has stalled for the week and a half of rain we've been getting, sigh. And last night was a doosey, with all the acorns and branches falling it sounded like a war zone inside. Luckily Dottie somehow managed to sleep through it all. Perhaps it was her cozy sleeping den complete with fan and... Continue Reading →

let it begin

The build out has begun! Well to be honest it's almost done, at least the contractor part of it. We've been so lucky with the weather - nice and cool so turning the AC off didn't even phase us. The rain - well - we were mostly lucky with the rain. We had one awesome... Continue Reading →

upstairs here we come still…

Yup still living on the first floor of the house. Seems like a year ago we had the plans in hand ready to go, oh wait it was! The city of Atlanta is very helpful when it comes to building anything on your own property. After taking months and months to find a contractor who... Continue Reading →

the colonel

This week we said good bye to our sweet bun Frank. aka. the colonel, fluff butt, gin bunny, bun of the future, bun, frank the tank He was 11 years old and has been a part of our family for most of that. I'm so glad we got to spend one last Easter with him.... Continue Reading →

upstairs here we come

With the kitchen done, and RTB arriving soon, we decided to go ahead and start getting things moving on the upstairs expansion. No we're not crazy, the actual work won't start until springish 2015 - we're just looking to get a headstart on the planning part. So we hired a great architect to draw us... Continue Reading →

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