final kitchen photos

I know everyone is probably sick of hearing about our kitchen. But we finally had a chance to take some good photos of the finished product. And I put together a little gif to show how far we've come. Looks pretty good huh?!?

birthdays and gardening

Someone had a birthday this month - and that someone has an affinity for chocolate. In his honor I made this chocolate cake with berries and cream. I have to say - it was quite delicious. We munched on it for a week...mmmmmmm cake. I have also got my little garden going, thanks to john... Continue Reading →

it’s been awhile

I'd like to apologize for the hiatus - things have been a bit crazy around here (see below).   So lets see here - whats new - We spent the entire fall/winter waiting on a kitchen table that never arrived. It's a long story but ended with us demanding money back and purchasing a new... Continue Reading →

mostly done

Not a whole lot of action in the kitchen since the last post. Just some last odds and ends. The contractor is done (aside from the door he broke the other day so we're getting a whole new door  - but that is the absolute last thing he's got to do. Since then - John's... Continue Reading →

finishing touches

Thanksgiving is over - and everyone's gone back home. The kitchen's almost finished. The guys were back yesterday, hard at work, putting up the ladder rail and knobs and draw pulls installed. Now just a few more finishing touches and this kitchen will be complete and we can have our house back to ourselves... Continue Reading →

countdown to T-Day (1 day)

With the Nowak's and Porter's in the house the contractors were sure to get us a working kitchen for the big day. But judging from the pics from the day before - they still had a very long way to go - I wasn't holding my breath. They were at the house all day working hard... Continue Reading →

countdown to T-Day (5 days)

well. the new, updated timeline puts us with a finish date of wed. nothing like cutting it close! but. we did have some progress yesterday. there has been a huge hold up with the tile, it was ordered the place just wasn't delivering. long story short it took a ton of phone calls and trips... Continue Reading →

countdown to T-Day (7 days)

Ok so I know I said i'd post something everyday, BUT that was when i thought there would be work done every day. Tuesday went by with nothing done, and yesterday they were putting the final coat down on the floor - so i couldn't walk on it. Today is the big "work" day -... Continue Reading →

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