4 more feet coming

Funny thing happened. Dots is going to be a big sister. (Guess I'll have to change the title of this section) And to make it even more fun, it's twins - the identical ones - Say hello to the new additions 'A' and 'B': Yes, I realize this is crazy and with all our construction going... Continue Reading →

rain rain go away

Construction has stalled for the week and a half of rain we've been getting, sigh. And last night was a doosey, with all the acorns and branches falling it sounded like a war zone inside. Luckily Dottie somehow managed to sleep through it all. Perhaps it was her cozy sleeping den complete with fan and... Continue Reading →

let it begin

The build out has begun! Well to be honest it's almost done, at least the contractor part of it. We've been so lucky with the weather - nice and cool so turning the AC off didn't even phase us. The rain - well - we were mostly lucky with the rain. We had one awesome... Continue Reading →

little miss

Everyone always says time passes by quickly when you have kids - they are all right. Little miss Dots is 10 1/2 months old already. She's got 6 going on 8 teeth, crawls, is on the verge of walking, plays hard, loves music and being tickled. She also LOVES reading. And climbing. And playing in the... Continue Reading →

upstairs here we come still…

Yup still living on the first floor of the house. Seems like a year ago we had the plans in hand ready to go, oh wait it was! The city of Atlanta is very helpful when it comes to building anything on your own property. After taking months and months to find a contractor who... Continue Reading →

the colonel

This week we said good bye to our sweet bun Frank. aka. the colonel, fluff butt, gin bunny, bun of the future, bun, frank the tank He was 11 years old and has been a part of our family for most of that. I'm so glad we got to spend one last Easter with him.... Continue Reading →

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