countdown to T-Day (1 day)

With the Nowak’s and Porter’s in the house the contractors were sure to get us a working kitchen for the big day. But judging from the pics from the day before – they still had a very long way to go – I wasn’t holding my breath.

They were at the house all day working hard – at one point I think I counted 8 contractors in the kitchen working…

Not to be detoured by the noise in the kitchen we all hung out in the living room watched some movies – went out for lunch and generally just tried to stay out of their way – while still having a good time, and a few drinks. The sun set and Kent started making his now famous “Outlaws” for us – while I made coffee for the workers – who were still at it.

Finally around 8pm they said they were as done as they were going to get – the lights, stove, sink, fridge and dishwasher were all working – so they were going to clean up and go.  They had made good on their promise – while the kitchen wasn’t done – it was definitely functional at 9pm when the contractors left the house.


No sooner had they closed the front door  – than we started up the baking – it was going to be a long night.

the list of goodies was short, but time consuming. But I could think of no better way to break in a new kitchen than with a large batch of Porter Rolls (even if it did take until 2am – thanks for staying up mom!)

nothing like a porter roll right out of the oven - even at 2am
nothing like a porter roll right out of the oven – even at 2am

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  1. Wow. It was an amazing adventure and so fun to watch it all come together. With the finishing touches still left to be done, we’ll have lots of new things to see next visit. Hmmm, when might that be??? Thanks, Jami and John for letting us break in your brand new kitchen, splattered grease, scuffed floors and all! Mom

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