countdown to T-Day (7 days)

Ok so I know I said i’d post something everyday, BUT that was when i thought there would be work done every day.

Tuesday went by with nothing done, and yesterday they were putting the final coat down on the floor – so i couldn’t walk on it.

Today is the big “work” day – so hopefully I’ll have some good stuff for everyone in the morning.

fingers crossed!

and now for your viewing pleasure, since I have no updated images of the kitchen,

everyone’s FAVORITE grumpy bunny, FRANK!


3 thoughts on “countdown to T-Day (7 days)

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  1. OK, I’m laughing so hard right now — right here at my desk at work — at that “grumpy bunny.”

    Hoping for some good kitchen pictures later!

    MOM (Porter)

  2. Aaaaaaahhhhh…. He’s not so grumpy. How can anyone be grumpy when they like chocolate. Hehe…look at it his way…. He has to deal with all this disruption in his old age.

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