down to the wire

We might be cutting it a bit close on this one. 4 weeks away from our due date and still have much to get done.


(cooking with Nan)

Thanks to our awesome families we have a lot less though. You all have been such a great help – I hope you know how much we appreciate you coming down to help tile, stain, paint, clean and of course play with Dots 🙂

We have officially moved upstairs, leaving our guest room open for anyone who dares offer a hand.

Martha helped me pick out some awesome new dressers and a vanity for our bathroom while they were in town, I can wait to get everything put away and in place. These are going to look amazing!

Kids bathroom is mostly done (functional) as well as their room. Moving Dots into her new digs will be our next step this weekend when John is back and can lend a hand.



Our master bath is the last big piece of the puzzle. John and Kent worked tirelessly to get the place waterproofed and the tile going. John was able to finish up the floor tile over the weekend and install the toilet – huzzah!




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