finishing touches

Thanksgiving is over – and everyone’s gone back home. The kitchen is…well…it’s almost finished.

The guys were back yesterday, hard at work, putting up the ladder rail and knobs and draw pulls installed. Now just a few more finishing touches and this kitchen will be complete and we can have our house back to ourselves (not that we haven’t enjoyed chatting it up with all the contractors every morning and evening.)


Oh and that kitchen table we were waiting on for thanksgiving – wont be ready until Christmas now – guess it’s a good thing we had a back up!

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  1. Oh my, it’s lookin’ fine. The pulls make a big difference, much better than blue painter’s tape! : ) Can’t wait to see that library ladder up and working. I want a picture of Jami or John at the tip top! Guess you need to plan a big Christmas dinner with friends so you can christen your new table. MOM Porter

    1. we’re definitely getting there. the ladder poll went in yesterday – should be finishing up soon! will post pics when all is done .

  2. Yep, like Sherri said. Someone on a ladder. Have a free dining room table and chairs ready to go. Did contractor fix exhaust fan?

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