first christmas + 9 month olds

This has been a big year for this little (not so little anymore) family.

Our first year as a whole family
(growing from 3 to 5 members was quite an adjustment).

first christmas dottie can kinda ‘get’ santa

first christmas where we didn’t have massive construction/leaking in some part of our home
(our addition has been amazing and i’m not sure how we would’ve fit everyone together without it)

the boys are a whopping 9 months old now and are EVERYWHERE as well as huge. they eat everything in sight and scream if you’re eating something that they want. we’re venturing out of the house on our own more and more – i’ve even tackled the park and santa – HA! it only truly hit me that i might need a double stroller when we went to see the big man at the mall. being ever so grown up, dots usually likes to walk and be a big kid. unfortunately upon arriving to the mall and seeing all the cars – she refused to walk through the parking lot. So i was forced to schlep all 3 of them to the front door under my own power – thats around 70lbs of baby. boy did i get some looks. needless to say my christmas present to myself has been a new double stroller to keep in the car, for just such emergencies 😉

dottie is so grown up from the baby she was when the boys arrived. she is now speaking in sentences that other people can understand and has quite the opinion on what she gets for snacks and the clothes she is wearing.

looking forward to what the next year brings and all the giggles that go with it 🙂

Merry Christmas everyone –

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