holy granola

Granola is one of those things we buy every week at the store that looks so easy to make. In fact I knew it was easy as my mom makes her own and always brings me some when she visits. And yet…..I still didn’t want to mess with it. Now my kids eat a TON of granola – I’m ready to start making my own so they don’t have to eat all the other stuff that’s in the store brands (at least the store brands we can afford on a weekly basis).

I started with my mom’s base recipe and have tweeked a bit to my kiddos preferences. Now I said this was easy – but I have to admit, I burned my first batch….none of the kids would eat it. Happy to announce round two was a success and oh so delicious.

Yummy, simple, granola

6c Old Fashioned Oats
1c Coconut Oil
3/4 c maple syrup (I also tried this with half maple half honey)
1/4 flax meal
1c nuts (pecan, almonds, walnuts, etc)
1 teas sea salt
1/2c sunflower seeds
2 egg whites (beaten)

My kids won’t eat raisins/cranberries but if yours will:
1c dried cranberries/raisins (added at the end)

Combine all ingredients (except cran/raisins) in a big bowl and mix thoroughly. Spread out on 2 cookie sheets lined with parchment paper or nonstick foil. Bake at 325 for 45 min. Check on it around the 35/40min mark, you don’t want it to burn! Add dried fruit last 15 min so it isn’t too hard to eat.

Let cool. Store in jars or containers with tight fitting lids. This makes a ton and can last for weeks. Unless you’re feeding my hungry hippos – then it will last 1-2…


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