holy shit they’re ONE

in true form i am a good month behind in posting this, but, they’re ONE, we made it!!!

these two, oh what a year. They are finally sleeping and went from walking to running in a blink of an eye. both boys are climbers and are “practicing” their dismounts……

They have 10 teeth apiece and continue to eat every morsel of food that comes in their line of sight. They are very happy boys who love their sister and will sit in any available lap on the playground. Can’t wait to start the fun of summer…too bad they go to bed well before the lightning bugs come out šŸ˜‰



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  1. Yes A year has passed, they are moving fast. I saw twin girls at pool today, & I asked how old they were. Mom said “3”….Dottie is way taller and lads are just as big as they were. Those ladies of yours are developing so fast., also hard to believe Dots will be THREE !! oh my!!

  2. How you find time to document their progress and growth is an amazing feat. I am humbled by each visit to see you both aptly assessing emotional and physical landmarks and doling out heaps of love and patience on a daily basis. šŸ’

  3. Love all of these blogs! You are documenting babies growing up, food … and just life as you’re living it. “Perfectly done,” says one writer to another.

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