it’s been awhile

I’d like to apologize for the hiatus – things have been a bit crazy around here (see below).

bun in oven
frank poses as the bun in the oven πŸ˜‰


So lets see here – whats new – We spent the entire fall/winter waiting on a kitchen table that never arrived. It’s a long story but ended with us demanding money back and purchasing a new table from somewhere else. I love it – now we just need chairs……Sullivan of course volunteered to check it out first and make sure all was satisfactory.


And now it’s spring! Finally. After what seemed like forever and 2 snow storms ( i know it doesn’t seem like a lot to anyone who doesn’t live in the south – but for us it was monumental) Spring is here and our yard is already getting way out of control again. Even after pillaging it all winter for firewood.


Now that spring is officially here. I’ve been putting john to work in the yard digging out giant stumps and building me some raised garden beds. So excited to get those going started from seeds this year, we’ll see how that goes – my black thumb doesn’t tend to like to make things grow – HA!

While walking around the yard the other day I did discover 2 random peach trees. I suspected them of being peach trees last year, but never saw any peaches – this spring however, we’ve got a few buds going, so i’m hoping I can keep the squirrels away long enough to get a few. Mmmmmm peaches.


I know it’s going to be a busy rest of spring and an even busier summer and fall with the little one joining us mid August. I will try to be better about posting and not let it be another 5 months with out a post πŸ™‚

Happy Spring!

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  1. Nice to see you blogging again. The next few months will fly by and then — baby time!! YAY. This Mimi can hardly wait!

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