it’s the little things

We spent this weekend doing a few of the little things to spruce up the place a bit to make it a tad more inhabitable. Like finding door knobs – which involved a several hour hunt at scotts’ antiques where we oogled all the things we wanted to buy…someday…for this new house of ours – so we could actually close the door the the bathrooms.

But of course all those little things add up and a lot of them are old and require a good cleaning off of rust before installation.


There’s also the stairs – they’ve been grossing me out since we moved in. Someone must have stained them before moving out, but refused to tape off the sections they weren’t staining – the stain sprayed all over the white parts of the stairs  – very closely resembling vomit splash back. Now I even knew it was stain and it grossed me out every time I looked at it – the better part of my afternoon was spent painting over the splatter with white paint. Ahh so much better:

stair paint

Hanging blinds so our neighbors don’t have to watch us eating our take out in front of the tv and in the guest room so they don’t have to watch my parents sleep when they get here on thursday. Painting the guest bath which was, prior to painting, about 4 different colors – hanging towel racks and i got to install a new doorbel – yep we have a doorbell.


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