kitchen part 2: the plans

Finally some forward progress. After months of back and forth – we’ve finally solidified the plans – and they are mostly within budget. While negotiating we had to do some reconfiguring and I ended up doing some (oh so amazing) sketches – i’ve posted them next to their real drawing counter parts.

Floor Plans

Looking towards the front of the house:


Looking out over the sink:


Looking out the back door and the kitchen/bar nook:


In preparation for the (hopefully soon) start of our kitchen renovation – we spent a good part of sunday scraping up all the old glue left on the floor after pulling up the linoleum – exciting I know. And john dismantled the island  and frank got moved to a new home in another part of the house.

Starting to look a bit empty in there…



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    1. not much on the kitchen – the electrician and the drywall guys have been out. no more giant holes in the wall!!!
      the floors are supposed to be going in soon – i’ll post pics after that.

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