kitchen progress…we have progress

We have started seeing progress and it’s great. The cabinets were delivered and are being put together. They’ve told us that our walls are not straight (the house was built in the 1900s, I know the walls aren’t even close to being straight – hahaha) and they’ve had to use a lot of shims to get everything straight. BUT we have progress and we have been promised that it will be done in time for Thanksgiving. The cabinet doors, counters, and island should all get done while we’re across the ocean. We’re hoping that all goes well, as I am not sure how or when we will be able to get to the internet to answer emails.








 (this is the wall where the stove/fridge/pantry will be)

We traveled to Thomaston,GA to pick up an old library ladder we found on craigslist the other weekend. It is in great shape, I’m hoping this hole ladder thing works out 🙂 We have also been shopping around for a kitchen table. Finally settled on one over the weekend, we’re also keeping our fingers crossed that that will be done by thanksgiving….otherwise maybe we can have a picnic on the floor . HA!

There should be a lot more done for the next post – so keep checking back!

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  1. looks great Jami………………….

    I am sure they will have this done for you before turkey day.

    Again looks great………………have a great trip…….sigh I will get to New Zealand!!!

    You guys can be my scouts.

  2. My oh my. Things are cookin’ now. This is so exciting. Will check back often for updates. So glad Sully is there to supervise. Too bad you can’t leave him in charge while you’re off across the ocean!

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