let it begin

The build out has begun! Well to be honest it’s almost done, at least the contractor part of it.

We’ve been so lucky with the weather – nice and cool so turning the AC off didn’t even phase us. The rain – well – we were mostly lucky with the rain. We had one awesome night of battling the rain flooding into our downstairs bedroom/bathroom thanks to a giant hole in the tarp and a nonfinished roof. But, thankfully it was just one night, and we survived.



the kiddos new room


Kiddos room inside


Master bath


master bedroom inside


master outside


another great benefit to the renovation is that the ceilings in the kitchen will all be the same height – woot!

The roof is complete, the framing is mostly done, now on to the plumbing and electrical – hoping to have the contractors out by the end of the month so the real work can begin.

Did I mention that our timeline for this project got shortened by some unexpected news?

There will be a few more nowaks in the house come March (yes, I said a few). More to come on that later.

For now let the renovations continue!

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