I thought I should post this before they “knock it all out in a week”

Nothing like waiting until the last minute. I have been assured that this kitchen will be done for Thanksgiving, yet I have my doubts on this. After 2 weeks away we thought we’d come home to some appliances in the actual kitchen, just unpainted doors. It’s taken some time, but I do believe that everything is now level and straight and hung.

With the help of many, many, many shims.


But then they took it all down again to get painted….and there we waited , and waited.

So with 12 days and counting until T-day  – still left to do:

– Reinstall of cabinet doors, moulding, misc wood

– install hardware

– install all appliances

– install lights, under cabinet and pendant

– finish island

– install sink/disposal

– put in countertops

– install ladder poll and hardware

– paint

Not to mention actually unpacking the kitchen items that have been spread throughout the whole house at this point.
worried?? who’s worried?


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  1. Jami,

    Contractors are notorious last minute people.
    It will probably be done 2 days before the “big meal” that is when the cavalry arrives to help the personal set up.

    “Don’t worry be happy”

    1. HA – yes they do – but their makeovers don’t usually last. Things tend to fall down.
      so yeah. no progress yesterday…..8 days and counting……

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