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Not a whole lot of action in the kitchen since the last post. Just some last odds and ends. The contractor is done (aside from the door he broke the other day so we’re getting a whole new door  – but that is the absolute last thing he’s got to do.

Since then – John’s been working on the sanding and staining of all that wood in there. It took us a while to decide on a color – but  we finally found one we both agree on – and I think it looks great! Still more to do on the other side of the kitchen – but the cooking area is done!


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    1. Probably pestering the bunny 🙂
      I’ll get another pick up of the ladder in use – john was out of town for the last round of pics – and i needed someone to stand on it!
      i’ll try to get sullivan in on the action as well.

  1. Looks fab. Kent and I have a rule. He decorates and decides on one room’s color scheme, and I get to do the next one. We’ve decided even if we don’t at first like what the other one decides, we get used to it! I’ve learned to trust his decorating sense. (It’s only taken 38 years)

    I love what you’ve designed and executed. What fun to have your kitchen!

      1. The kitchen looks amazing! Now you can come and help Richard & I do ours. We have our first estimator coming tonight and then one on Saturday. Wish us luck!

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