our grant park bungalow – it begins

We’re moving on. On to bigger, newer and better. – by newer I mean older and by better I mean a shit hole that needs a ton of work and is mostly inhabitable.

grant park bungalow

We’ve got a LONG laundry list of things to do to this place – I will try my best to post before and after pics as we progress. The house is ‘livable’ which is at least a place to start. Listed as a 4/3 on a lot of almost 3/4 of an acre we’ve definitely got our work cut out for us.

We spent the entire holiday weekend moving in. Back and forth trips from the old house in Kirkwood. All the boxes are here – now we just need to make a path through the house as we play musical rooms with the boxes we don’t know where to put.

This house hasn’t been inhabited in around 4 years – airing it out, cleaning and getting working toilets are among our first priority. Second would be to find some latches and knobs as none of the interior doors have any knobs. The hunt on Ebay has begun. And Third – We’ve been talking with a contractor about the kitchen. It is in pretty bad shape. Now normally we like to pride ourselves on doing our own renovations – a lot of the time with the help of my in-laws – who are always up for some hard work and a trip down to see us. But this kitchen is in need of a complete overhaul – we’ve decided to call in a professional – photos of the demo and progress soon.

I thought I would start this blog – for friends and family that wanted to keep tabs on us and what we were doing. This house is going to be a big project – but it should at least be a fun one. I don’t think Sullivan has even had a chance to sniff the whole yard yet!

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  1. This will be quite the adventure and exemplifies the youthful “can-do” spirit versus the “don’t wanna do that anymore” attitude of some of your less ambitious (and slightly older) fans. Go for it! We’ll cheer you on and break multiple bottles of wine over the bow (well, the porch railing) to christen each accomplishment!

    1. Yes – so far so good on the plumbing. Have yet to try the upstairs, or any of the showers. Working on hot water at the moment.

      1. Would u happen to have one of those new fangled phones that have a camera built right into the phone??


        1. BAH – I suppose I might – but then there’s the question of internet, which we don’t have at home yet

  2. I’m just a geezer and my memory isn’t has good, Idon’t drink as much as I used to but Ahhh…how can you have a blog without internet?

    1. well – let’s just say I have internet at work 🙂
      I will get more pics up as soon as I can – promise.

  3. Love the pictures, and I know why you love this house. W/D set…nice! Must be future Christmas and birthday gifts for the both of you for the next two years. Does Sullivan go out alone yet in the Wide World (back yard)? It’s going to be great, esp. when you get a kitchen so you can make some Porter rolls.

    Love you guys,

    1. There’s a fence around the whole place, front and back, so sullivan can wander to his hearts content – although he still doesn’t go more than 20 feet away from us.)

      We’re super excited for the kitchen – finalizing plans now – demo starting soon!

  4. I think the pearl of wisdom from the medicine cabinet door should be vintage framed and saved for posterity.


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