pan fried fish sticks

Finding new food that everyone will eat is tough, combined with feeding and cooking for everyone, EVERY day 3x a day + snacks…..exhausting. I also really try to introduce them to new foods so they don’t get caught in a rut and only like 3 things – although I’ve been told that can happen anyway. Dots definitely has her favorites and has gotten pickier – I like to get her to at least try a bite of the new food.

Anyway – had some frozen tilapia I thought i’d try out on them – turns out they all LOVE fish. I mean who doesn’t like anything fried. HA!


3 pieces of tilapia or fish of choice – cut into strips

1 egg

3/4c flour

3/4c bread crumbs

pepper/salt to taste

teas. dill

Cut fish into strips. Combine flour, salt, pepper, dill in bowl. Egg in its own bowl as well as the bread crumbs. Put fish in flour then egg, then bread crumbs and put into frying pan with a little olive oil. Continue with all strips and fry until cooked through. Cool and serve.

we served with cheesy steamed broc/cauliflower and apple sauce.

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