rain rain go away

Construction has stalled for the week and a half of rain we’ve been getting, sigh. And last night was a doosey, with all the acorns and branches falling it sounded like a war zone inside. Luckily Dottie somehow managed to sleep through it all. Perhaps it was her cozy sleeping den complete with fan and personal heater (man I need to get one of those)

I have to admit I’m ready to have my house back – we are steadily losing storage space. Last week we had to take everything we’d stored in Dottie’s closet out, so the plumber could run a pipe. So now everything is strewn around her room, on the bed and out into the front room. To combat our shrinking space I’m trying to sell other stuff off, with little luck :/


We did pass our last inspection, so now all we need is HVAC and skylights installed, insulation (which will be greats it’s freaking cold in our house at the moment), and drywall. Then the real fun can begin.

We did manage to spend most of saturday looking at flooring and according to John, who is now in NYC, the sun does still exist – he sent me a photo to prove it. Hopefully we’ll be seeing it again soon.


Dots made the most out of all that time spent shopping for floors and has been practicing so she can help with the install.

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