smelly closet

Our closet smells.

You can smell it when you walk into the room. You can smell it in the hallway. When we moved in the first thing john did was remove the ‘smelly’ carpet from the closet in hopes that would rid us of the smell. That was a fail.

I started noticing the clothes in the closet were smelling too – We tried febreezing the floor and walls to no avail, it still stunk.

While stuck inside all last weekend because of the rain – we decided to tackle the stinky floor to see what was under the plywood that had been under the carpet.


In our exploration we did however find a mouse:

We think he was dead.

And beneath the plywood – there was wood floors!

We have been dousing the newly found floors with febreeze and sanding them down to get all the gunk off of them seems to have helped with the smell – so far…..

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  1. John looks wiped. The mouse looks… well, is that REALLY a mouse? But hardwood floors are always a treasure when uncovered!

  2. We’ve had smelly floors from renters who didn’t tell us they had a dog or cat. It was disgusting, and probably from an animal using closet as toilet. There is help. We have had success with a mind solution(1/2 cup) Clorox in a 3 gallon bucket of water. Mop it on. Leave on.

    Another hint is to follow instructions to mix Massengil douche(no kidding!). Mop on. Leave On.

    Somehow the urine is neutralized. Good luck. Glad it’s not the guest room closet.

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