Yep you read correctly – Rockyford is SOLD – making our lives so much less crazy (but still crazy).

After many back and forths, fixes, inspections, more fixes, more inspections, texts asking about paint colors and if they could keep our lock box ( ummmm no…..), we have finally closed. It’s done.done.done. While I will miss our little house on Rockyford – I am definitely happy to be rid of it – now we can move on to bigger and better things – like the kitchen (coming soon to a blog near you)


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  1. CONGRATULATIONS! Sorry to see it go. Those parting pictures look so inviting. You’ll have to fill us in on those pesky details of closing. The new owners will be happy there. Can’t wait for thanksgiving.

    1. yeah – i know – we’re going to miss that little house. Hopefully the new people will enjoy it as much as we did.

      Here’s to hoping that the new kitchen is done by thanksgiving!

  2. YAY YAY and YAY. Onward and upward. Can’t wait to see the new kitchen take shape. Sounds like a full house at Thanksgiving. Double the wine bill and bring on the fun.

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