the munchkin

At 21 weeks we got another sneak peak – finally starting to look like a human:


So this week the family is out boating in the BVI. Being 6 months pregnant (and really needing all of my vacation days for when the munchkin arrives) I opted out of going. Working while everyone else is out on the ocean isn’t fun, but at least I have plenty to keep me busy. I’ve started clearing out the guest room and yesterday put together the crib. It’s all starting to get real and still a lot of work to be done.


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  1. Missed you terribly on the trip, but knew it was for your best to stay. Whenever seeing John , there was just something missing………………Jami.

      1. WE MISSED YOU! But I was happy knowing you were safe at home. Good job getting that crib put together. Now let’s fill it with — a BABY!
        Looking forward to seeing you, John and Sullivan for the June baby shower!

        1. haha – yes. john helped rearrange the room a bit more yesterday – it’s coming along. And I finally got that animation cell of marvin the martian framed. should look good in there.
          see you soon!

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