they’re here

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the boys have arrived, yep BOYS 🙂

julian shepherd and hooper walton

born march 15th at 6:07 and 6:22 pm
weighing in at 6.13 and 7.9

PU8A4317(first few days home)

it has been 3 weeks and we’ve all survived
(thanks to a lot of help from my parents – and soon my in-laws)

dot’s is handling her new title of big sister like a champ.
always giving them hugs, bringing them blankets, and well, stealing their binkies.


(a princess & her minions)

she is now the ‘princess’ of the house and has taken to decorating the boys with stickers and whatever else she can find, along with the dog – which he is quite thrilled about


  1. Looking forward to your chronicling of all the mischief these 3 will embark. I see it in their eyes. Good luck mom and dad

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      • I’m going back in time and reading these posts. My my how our little princess has grown. She is such a baby here … and the boys have are quite literally growing out of there britches in (now) November.

        Jami and John, you are amazing. I salute you both!


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