they’re here

the boys have arrived, yep BOYS 🙂

julian shepherd and hooper walton

born march 15th at 6:07 and 6:22 pm
weighing in at 6.13 and 7.9

PU8A4317(first few days home)

it has been 3 weeks and we’ve all survived
(thanks to a lot of help from my parents – and soon my in-laws)

dot’s is handling her new title of big sister like a champ.
always giving them hugs, bringing them blankets, and well, stealing their binkies.


(a princess & her minions)

she is now the ‘princess’ of the house and has taken to decorating the boys with stickers and whatever else she can find, along with the dog – which he is quite thrilled about

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  1. Looking forward to your chronicling of all the mischief these 3 will embark. I see it in their eyes. Good luck mom and dad

      1. I’m going back in time and reading these posts. My my how our little princess has grown. She is such a baby here … and the boys have are quite literally growing out of there britches in (now) November.

        Jami and John, you are amazing. I salute you both!


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