trader joe’s raviolis to the rescue

when dot’s was little I discovered these awesome (and cheap) little raviolis and tortellinis at trader joes. dot’s of course loved them, as they were “noo-noo’s”, but I had forgotten about them until just the other day. So today I packed everyone up into the car and headed to trader joes. They didn’t have the blueberries I was looking for, but they did have these:

Which I promptly cooked for dinner along with a sweet potato/spinach sauce. Every plate was clean and jules even had seconds!

I wasn’t measuring with the sauce – but the kids loved it – so if you’d like to try it here’s my rough guess:


1 large sweet potato (cooked)

1 handful of frozen kale/spinach

1-2 teas cinnamon

1/2-1c milk (use your judgement, i left it a bit thicker so they could pick it up easier)

mix everything together and blend with submersion blender. serve over noodles and top with parmesan cheese.

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