upstairs here we come still…

Yup still living on the first floor of the house. Seems like a year ago we had the plans in hand ready to go,

oh wait it was! The city of Atlanta is very helpful when it comes to building anything on your own property. After taking months and months to find a contractor who would work with us and let us do some of the work (9 contractors later), we finally have one and are making at least a bit of progress. Our plans have finally been approved by the UDC with of course more money going to the architects to revise plans they said were “all we would need”.  Dropped off the plans to get their literal stamp of approval. Now all we have to do is go downtown and walk them from one office to the next one across the hall – yes, I’m serious – and then the real fun begins – PERMITTING!

So it looks like our spring 2015 start date will be closer to fall 2015, if we are lucky.

In the mean time we’ve been doing small improvements around the house to keep ourselves and the in-laws busy.


We have replaced the hall lights with some mush prettier tiffany style ones.


John built us an arbor going down into the garden area with rock stairs coming soon.


And Martha helped me rough up these all to shiny, new, and perfect chairs – they look great!

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