we have chicks!

Pretty sure John thinks I’m crazy, but I’ve convinced him to build me a chicken coop. I mean, I think I’m crazy. I’m a little terrified of birds so wanting chickens is an interesting thing for me. Backyard chickens are everywhere in Atlanta, I’m not sure I’d ever heard of it until moving here. People make it seem so easy and fun AND you get beautiful fresh eggs without worrying about what all the labels in the grocery store mean, “organic”, “free-range”, “cage free”, etc and they all really have no meaning or regulation. So. back to the chicks.

We went to pick out our little chicks yesterday. I had no idea what I was doing or even what to ask – thankfully our friend and fellow chicken lover came with to help us navigate the different chicks. We finally settled on 5 to start:

2 Americana: Twinkle and not yet named

1 Partridge Rock: Cow

1 Golden Sex Link: Hulky

1 Production Blue: Also To Be Named

And so begins our journey to chickens and tasty backyard eggs. Hoping we can get the coop done in time. Should have a post about that soon 🙂

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