we have progress!

Well, it took a few months longer than expected, but, the contractors are GONE. Out of our house, GONE! So excited to have my house back – even if it is still unfinished. Now the real work begins.


My father-in-law was kind enough to fly in the day after christmas to help us get our hardwood floors installed. He and john worked for 4 days straight and finally got them all in – and they look fabulous.


Dots’ was pretty excited to hang out with “Boppa” too.


This pic doesn’t do them justice – they really look great!

We had some kind friends volunteer to help us paint while we waited on the tile to arrive. The kids room and the master bedrooms are painted thanks to all their help. John has been working tirelessly to get the trim, vents, and doors stained and installed to keep us moving forward.



With roughly 2 months before these twins are due, we’ve still got a lot to get done.

Baby-Steps 😉


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  1. So glad I stopped in, read the new entries and re-read the old. This is such fun. So glad you’re documenting all the progress. Makes me miss you all even more! I have to say my favorite picture is of Kent “Boppa” with his pink necklace earning an adoring gaze from his granddaughter. I think he’s stolen Miss Dot’s heart.

    1. Love the color scheme!! Looking homey and comfy. I forgot my beads, will have to bring some more and of Course, my pencil pocket outfit. Wonder if Dot will remember the game? Baseboards are tying things together. We made an enlargement of picture with Dot Peeking under door and framed it next to downstairs 1/2 bath as a warning to all that enter.See you soon, but it looks like there will be nothing to do but party 🙂

      1. So far Boppa is sticking – she was looking through her family book and still calls you Boppa 😉
        It’s looking good isn’t it – Also just got word that our tile has finally arrived – and you know we can always find somethingfro you to do – you’ve definitely earned some fun time too!

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